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2013 U.S. Dance Championships, Rising Star Smooth

The final of the R.S. Smooth last night was so dramatic. I’m thrilled for Sergei & Ania who won (all dances). Ania has so much charisma and love of dance that you just get enthralled by her performance (plus she has the technique to back it up!). I felt like she connected to Sergei physically [...]

Why no lifts on Dancing with the Stars?

In this video blog, Toni answers the question, why are lifts not allowed in Dancing with the Stars, but they’re okay on So You Think You Can Dance? In the ballroom competition circuit, lifts are not allowed in group events with multiple couples on the floor, but they’re permitted in the showdance category, where one [...]

Season 7 Guest Judge Interview

So You Think You Can Dance – Vegas Week

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