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DTWS Season 16 Week 7

Jacoby: He has such an innate feel for the Latin dances. He has so much natural rhythm in his body that it’s a beautiful thing to watch. Small word of advice: when you are pigeon-toed it’s best not to wear shiny gold tips on those toes!
Ingo: I appreciate his effort in doing very recognizable rumba [...]

DWTS Season 16 Week 6

Zendaya: Loved the dress but because of its short length, it did show off some funny lines in her legs. She’s so beautiful and willowy that it’s hard for her to find the crispness of the Cha Cha… (like trying to make seaweed in the ocean look sharp and toned). That’s me being picky though, [...]

DWTS Season 16, Amateurs and Pros

Can’t believe someone thought it was a good idea putting amateurs side-by-side with pros, but here we go…

Ingo looked like his limbs were transplanted onto him and he hadn’t figured out how to use them yet.

Jacoby looked pigeon-toed, knocked kneed and had flexed ankles every time his feet should have had nice pointed toes. The [...]

DWTS Season 16 Week 3, Wow Andy Dick!

Sean: Nice frame but I think it’s lucky there was a bunch of fog hiding the footwork since it looked like it was a bit clunky under the mist! The Viennese was very slow and that’s quite difficult to pull off gracefully (since you miss out on the benefits of using centripetal force).
Victor: Super cool [...]

My thoughts on DWTS Season 16, Week 2

Here’s my take on the week 2 performances on season 16 of Dancing with the Stars…

Ingo: Really good quickstep. Lots of tricky closed choreography that he managed really well. He looks at ease in the ballroom division. If he could keep his elbows stiller and wider and pick up his chest a bit, his frame [...]

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