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DWTS Season 16 Week 3, Wow Andy Dick!

Sean: Nice frame but I think it’s lucky there was a bunch of fog hiding the footwork since it looked like it was a bit clunky under the mist! The Viennese was very slow and that’s quite difficult to pull off gracefully (since you miss out on the benefits of using centripetal force).
Victor: Super cool [...]

My thoughts on DWTS Season 16, Week 2

Here’s my take on the week 2 performances on season 16 of Dancing with the Stars…

Ingo: Really good quickstep. Lots of tricky closed choreography that he managed really well. He looks at ease in the ballroom division. If he could keep his elbows stiller and wider and pick up his chest a bit, his frame [...]

DWTS is back with Season 16

My first question to everyone is, what do you think about DWTS adding a contemporary category to the show? Let me know on my twitter: @toniredpath

D.L.: I’m afraid he is NOT going to be the first comedian to win DWTS. His cha-cha was clunky and thumpy.

Andy: Was he crying over Foxtrot!?? Wow, isn’t he meant [...]

Why no lifts on Dancing with the Stars?

In this video blog, Toni answers the question, why are lifts not allowed in Dancing with the Stars, but they’re okay on So You Think You Can Dance? In the ballroom competition circuit, lifts are not allowed in group events with multiple couples on the floor, but they’re permitted in the showdance category, where one [...]

Season 7 Guest Judge Interview

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