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DTWS Season 16 Week 7

Jacoby: He has such an innate feel for the Latin dances. He has so much natural rhythm in his body that it’s a beautiful thing to watch. Small word of advice: when you are pigeon-toed it’s best not to wear shiny gold tips on those toes!

Ingo: I appreciate his effort in doing very recognizable rumba syllabus steps. He actually did quite nice technique on the sliding doors. This was one of his better dances.

Kellie: Samba is actually one of her better dances. This week she seems to have found a balance between gorgeous toned legs and feet and a lovely relaxed body action. I always felt that she was a little tense in her upper body; this week was a big improvement. Loved the slow motion promenade runs and the stationary samba walks near the end of the routine were a thing of beauty!

Andy: Technically speaking it was clunky and awkward, BUT I loved how entertaining the routine was. Great story line!

Alexandra: Wow! This girl has amazing leg and core strength, as well as being beautifully flexible. I loved how she got to really show that off in this routine. She looked like she was having a blast dancing this fun but challenging choreography, so bonus points for that! Best routine of the season so far for her.

Sean: In his Rumba, unfortunately, all I saw was his butt stuck out and really bad foot and leg lines, especially the leg line that Peta said was so important in their pre-dance clip; his right toe was completely bent in the wrong direction! Sean needs high-energy dances to excel in this competition.

Zendaya: Her Paso persona was excellent; she must have been channeling Catherine Zeta Jones from Zorro! I don’t know if she practiced much in that full skirt because it looked like it was knocking her off balance at times. She is so slight in her frame and the weight at the bottom of that skirt would have been difficult to handle. She has by far the best footwork of any of the celebrities dancing in this competition (except when she wore the sneakers in the dance off jive!).

The whole dance off was a fun concept. It was interesting seeing the competitors in direct comparison to each other.

On a side note, I tweeted out last night that I’ve just launched my ballroom dance quick-start DVD, for those that want to learn how to dance Waltz, Tango, Salsa or Swing; the DVD includes all four dances! You can buy it through this link, and thanks for all your tweets and comments!

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