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DWTS Season 16, Amateurs and Pros

Can’t believe someone thought it was a good idea putting amateurs side-by-side with pros, but here we go…

Ingo looked like his limbs were transplanted onto him and he hadn’t figured out how to use them yet.

Jacoby looked pigeon-toed, knocked kneed and had flexed ankles every time his feet should have had nice pointed toes. The routine was brilliant though and I love watching his limber and flexible moves!

Victor looked hunched as ever and even though Tristan’s Smooth Ballroom is not world-class level, it still highlighted how jerky Victor’s movement is across the floor.

Alexandra also looked knock-kneed and pigeon toed (especially her left toe!).

Sean’s frame looked terrible next to Tristan: super bunched up in the shoulders, his chin was tucked and tipped on the wrong angle, his focus was too low and his right hand looked like a claw on Peta’s back. Blech!

Kellie looked locked up and rigid next to Anya. Her right arm was held too straight in closed position and her movement across the floor really suffered because her feet picked up (instead of tracking on the floor) and her knees were not flexed.

D.L.: Everything that could go wrong in a man’s topline (frame and head position) does. However, kudos for some decent footwork at times.

Zendaya: No one should have to dance next to Anya. Zendaya held her own, however, I feel the intimate Argentine Tango frame really highlighted her and Val’s height difference and made her looked uncomfortable in her shoulders. Must point out that there was absolutely stunning and brilliant choreography in this number.

Andy: Way to go closing the show (with zip lines, capes, rescues it was quite epic). Unfortunately he looks like he just got off his horse every time he walked forward.

Sorry if I seemed a bit negative this week, but I try to call it like I see it! If you have any comments, hit me up on @toniredpath on twitter.

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