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DWTS Season 16 Week 3, Wow Andy Dick!

Sean: Nice frame but I think it’s lucky there was a bunch of fog hiding the footwork since it looked like it was a bit clunky under the mist! The Viennese was very slow and that’s quite difficult to pull off gracefully (since you miss out on the benefits of using centripetal force).

Victor: Super cool Paso Doble concept! It was a very dramatic number that they performed well; it almost distracted me from the fact that he is slightly bow legged and pigeon toed. He lost the plot a bit towards the end of the routine when is arms started just flapping around by his sides, however he has great stage presence, for someone who isn’t dance trained.

Jacoby: This is what I’ve been waiting for: seeing him dance an actual ballroom dance. So far he’s had numbers that have played up to his strengths. I felt the (country?) Foxtrot would really put him out of his element but I was pleasantly surprised with how graceful he was. Obviously he has a lot of footwork errors and he’s a bit hunched in the shoulders, but overall I was impressed by his performance.

Alexandra: I’m no expert on contemporary, but I thought it was really clever choreography. Obviously hers was one of the best solo performances of the night because she to played so much up to her strengths (as she should).

Andy: Andy still continues to be one of the big surprises of this season’s competition. He seems to be taking it so seriously and putting so much effort into improving every performance. Except for some moments of uncertainty and an awkward line in the shoulders, I found it to be a touching and heartfelt routine. Also, he has quite tidy footwork, which is a surprise.

Zendaya: Self composed and so sure of herself, I find it hard to tear my eyes away from her! On a separate note, I felt it was a very uninspiring song choice, so even though she danced the routine really well, I felt disconnected musically to the performance.

Ingo: When somebody who isn’t dance trained tries to get into the emotion of the dance, they always put the energy up into the shoulders. This works in life but not in the Viennese. Also, if you’re going to wear bright white shoes your footwork better be impeccable, and unfortunately, he had so many heels (where there should have been toes) the shoes were like beacons calling attention to them. A pretty routine though.

D.L.: This is probably one of his better performances, as he got to tap into the strength of his funny personality. However, he is still the weakest dancer in the field. If he hadn’t looked at Cheryl the whole time they were in closed dance position, his frame actually would have been quite decent.

Kellie: It’s the first time I haven’t loved her performance. She looked locked out in her back and legs, tense and unsure in her whole body and face. I just couldn’t get into it because I felt nervous watching her. Obviously, her flexibility and her beautiful posture is a strength, but relaxation and softness would have made it a beautiful routine.

Lisa: Andy Dick had improved way more than Lisa (who has dance training in her background). Gleb taking his shirt off (again) is not going to distract me from her weak performance. It’s time for her to go.

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